10 Don’ts for People Suffering from Hair Loss

10 Don’ts for People Suffering from Hair Loss

What we all see around these days is people worrying and stressed about hair loss and finding the best way to stop hair fall. Isn’t it traumatic?

It must be a pain seeing strands of hair fall apart daily. Hair plays a vital role in our personality development and gives us confidence. It gives us our style quotient and defines us.

We always keep looking for the best way to stop hair fall and end up trying multiple products, thus damaging our hair further.

If you are concerned about hair fall or hair loss, we have pulled together 10 things that you should avoid doing in order to maintain healthy hair.

1)  Stress:

Stress is one of the key reasons for hair loss in today’s world. Be it at work or at home, stress levels today are admittedly much more than than about a decade back. Stress directly impacts your roots, and leads to speeding up hair loss. We recommend deep breathing styles that yoga offers to get this key hair loss problem in control

2) Dry your hair gently:

There’s a difference between your hair and your carpet. So go soft and gentle on your hair, after a wash. Gently rub your scalp and wrap your hair in a towel after a shower or a head bath. Remember, always use a hair dryer at gentle warmth levels

3) Avoid combing wet hair:

Never, ever comb hair when its wet. This damages the roots of your hair. Let your hair dry naturally before you comb it.

4) Hairstyles:

Don’t choose hairstyles that put pressure on hair such as tight ponytails, buns, etc. They can cause significant hair damage and your hair may end up looking brittle and frizzy.

5) No oiling:

The scalp needs to be moisturised in order to stay healthy. Healthy scalp will give your healthy hair. Hence, you should oil your hair at least 3 times a week using hair oils designed to stop hair fall, like Vefemin. This frequency can be increased for people with dry scalp. This is the one of the most simple and best way to stop hair fall.

6) Less hair wash:

Don’t you stop washing that hair of yours. Not washing hair due to hair fall fear will not make a difference. In fact it attracts a lot of dirt which tends to stay on your scalp damaging it further. It is ideal to wash your hair with gentle shampoo or medicated shampoo every 2-3 days. Using conditioner after wash is also recommended.

7) Say no to chemicals:

People generally use hair wax, gel and other chemicals to make their hair shiny and elegant. Even hair colouring is a trend that has moved into daily habit nowadays.. But do note, prolonged exposure to these are not good for the health of your hair and can speed up your hair fall. Using these products can make your scalp dry and it will eventually make your hair weak. So use them to up your style, but in due moderation.

8) Maintain a good diet:

Ohh yes. Bad food ALSO can lead to bad hair and hair fall. Make sure you are aware of nutrients that directly make a difference to your hair. Do include vitamin, mineral and nutrients in your diet that will consequently give strength to your hair.

9) Hair treatments:

If your hair fall is severe, do not opt for hair treatments such as perming, straightening, colouring, etc. These will only make it worse.

10) Shorten your hair as per schedule

Long hair requires long hours of care and tender treatment. And yes, we know that you women love long hair. And we know that it is not easy to take care of it specially when you have busy schedules to attend to. Keeping your hair to a length that can be managed within your schedule is a good idea.

These DIY methods are the best way to stop hair fall and can be followed by anyone. Do not ignore hair loss. The sooner you start treating it, the better it is! Wishing you healthy hair, always!