5 Best Hairstyles To Try After Applying Hair Oil

5 Best Hairstyles To Try After Applying Hair Oil

Ever happened to you that you are at home, nothing to do so you oil your hair and voila your friend’s parents are out of town and you have to attend the party. Haven’t we all been there? No time to wash your hair, or unable to think of any best hairstyles for the day. Oh my god! Panic mode on

Everything is under control. Get these hairstyles right and rock the party.

Hairstyle #1 – Fishtail Braid

A tightly wound fishtail braid is a winner at every occasion. Don’t we all just love the look? This hairstyle will cover all your sins of oily hair and when accessorized with a hairpin, will protect your secret and won’t let them out.

Hairstyle #2 – Messy Bun

A messy bun is the easiest and loved hairstyle. It always is a go to hairstyle at all times. Nothing can go wrong with a messy bun and you can always modify it to fit the occasion.

#3 – Sleek Ponytail

We all loved our ponytail as a kid, didn’t we?. And this love is a little hard to lose. This is the easiest style of all and a familiar one too. One cannot go wrong with a simple yet elegant ponytail.

#4 – Braided Ponytail

It’s low on effort, high on style, and even higher on keeping that dreadful greasiness carefully tucked away. Be stylish at all times with this amazing hairstyle.


#5 – Side Swept Waves

This hairstyle is super simple and won’t take much of your time. This style is perfect for every occasion and you can master it easily! It allows you to let your hair down and flaunt those locks with elegance. Must try hairstyle.


The time where you used to worry about sporting hairstyles with oil in your hair is old news. Now anything is possible, even standing out of the crowd with these amazing hair styles. Try these today and see for yourself!

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