5 Simple Solutions For Oily Scalp

5 Simple Solutions For Oily Scalp

May it be because of excess workout or being in the heat for too long, you have faced the problem for having a greasy oily scalp. This oily scalp can further lead to irritation, hair fall, dandruff, and also infections.

Firstly how did your scalp get oily? So the glands present in your scalp produce excess sebum which travels to your hair and thus makes it greasy.

But it is also possible because of your dirty fingers or hair brushes, humidity, or also using the wrong hair products.

So here are 5 simple solutions to avoid Oily Scalp:

1. Shampoo thrice a week

Washing your hair everyday can damage your scalp since the natural oils produced by the scalp gets washed away. Rather shampooing 2-3 times a week will keep your hair clean, healthy as well as oil free. Also choose the right shampoo for your hair type. Applying the wrong shampoo can end up damaging your scalp ending up in more hair issues.

2. Be away from the Heat tools

If you have an oily scalp then heat tools can be your worst enemies. Tools like hairdryer, straighteners, curl wands are awesome for styling your hair but keep in mind it will make your hair weak, damaged and greasy in the longer run. Try using non heat methods to style your hair.

3. Clean your brushes

Brushes are something we tend to not bother about. But they are your secret enemies. Using these brushes on an oily scalp can accumulate the dirt and oils on your scalp. Further using these uclean brushes will eventually make your scalp oily and greasy again. We suggest you clean your brushes with soap once a week and change them once in 3 months.

4. Diet! Diet! Diet

As it is always said, you are what you eat. Avoid having oily and fried food if you’re suffering from oily scalp. Try incorporating good sources of proteins, saturated fats, and carbs. Start adding in some greens in your diet full of vitamins and antioxidants which is amazing for your scalp health.

5. Use a Hair Mask

Your hair also needs time to relax. Use homemade hair masks made out of egg yolks, lemon, and aloe vera for your scalp. Proteins in the yolk, vitamin C in lemon and amino acids in aloe vera, when mixed together and applied on your scalp, will give the best results for your oily scalp as well as visible changes in your hair texture

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