5 Ways To Get Smooth And Shiny Hair

5 Ways To Get Smooth And Shiny Hair

Don’t you too get jealous seeing celebrities with long and silky hair? While you struggle with oily, dry, and frizzy hair, such silky hair might just be in your dreams. Having silky hair is not as unattainable as you feel it is. Here are some expert tips and ways for you to get your dreamy smooth and shiny hair come true.

1. Hot Oil Massage:-

Your hair and scalp need the right nutrients just like your body needs it. Applying warm hair oil with natural and essential oils will help your hair get the right nourishment it needs. We would suggest to apply Vefemin Hair Oil before washing your hair to provide the right nutrition and also the silky and non greasy look.

2. Using The Perfect Shampoo:-

Using the right shampoo for your hair type is very necessary. Shampoos cleanse your scalp and help you get smooth and shiny hair but you should know which one to use. The best thumb rule for buying a shampoo should be to check if it contains natural ingredients.

3. Deep Conditioning:-

The right conditioning for your hair can do wonders. Make sure you deep condition your hair with a good quality conditioner at least once a week. Apply and keep the conditioner in your hair for some time, it’s harmless unless it is in contact with your scalp. Leave-in conditioners are especially beneficial for people with curly hair.

4. Avoid Using Heat Tools:-

Heating tools like straighteners, blow dryers, and curl wands are good for styling your hair but using it quite often can damage your hair making it frizzy and coarse. The heat from these tools is very harmful and makes your hair weak and brittle.

If you are in a hurry and cannot do without styling then remember to use a heat-protective serum and also a diffuser to reduce the airflow and prevent frizz.

5. Use Silk Pillows:-

This is not the key trick to having silky, smooth and shiny hair but it will definitely help. Switching over to silk pillows instead of regular cotton ones will keep your hair strands smooth and free from friction which would eventually cause frizz and breakage. 


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