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5 Simple Solutions For Oily Scalp

5 Simple Solutions For Oily Scalp

May it be because of excess workout or being in the heat for too long, you have faced the problem for having a greasy oily scalp. This oily scalp can further lead to irritation, hair fall, dandruff, and also infections. Firstly how did your scalp get oily? So the glands present in your scalp produce […]

10 Food Items That Improve Your Hair

10 Foods Items That Improve Your Hair

We all love pampering our hair right? After all it’s our most valued possession. But we often make the mistake of just depending on hair products to take care of our hair. Yes, these products do work to some extent but in order to give overall nourishment to your hair it is essential to have […]

How to get rid of dandruff?

How to get rid of dandruff

Dandruff is a very common issue these days and the cause of stress for many people. Did you know that 50% of people suffer from dandruff? But what is dandruff? It is a common condition that affects the scalp. It causes the skin of the scalp to become itchy followed by flakes of dead skin.  […]

How to tame frizzy hair?

Frizzy hair is a very common issue in India. It is highly unfortunate, yet surprisingly a very common hair struggle that many girls like us face. Even after using many anti-frizz products, frizziness just doesn’t go away right? But what can we do? You know what, before going to the possible solution to it, let’s […]

Does Lifting Weights cause Hair Loss?

Does Lifting Weights Cause Hair Loss

All right all you boys and girls with muscles. Have you ever wondered does lifting weights cause hair loss? Here’s a question we know is eating at you, and gnawing at your conscience day at night. Great muscles? Or Great hair? Rest easy. You can actually have both. Read how. Here are some straight facts […]

Hair Care for Daily Commuters

Hair Care for Daily Commuters

Do you travel everyday to get to work? Is your hair care affected by travelling? Commuting may be a daily run of the mill thing for you but it can be hazardous for your hair and ruin your hair care routine. And also, yes! You really can’t sit at home because you’re worried about your […]

10 Don’ts for People Suffering from Hair Loss

10 Don’ts for People Suffering from Hair Loss

What we all see around these days is people worrying and stressed about hair loss and finding the best way to stop hair fall. Isn’t it traumatic? It must be a pain seeing strands of hair fall apart daily. Hair plays a vital role in our personality development and gives us confidence. It gives us […]

Guava for Hair Growth

Guava for Hair Growth | Vefemin Nutricosmetic | Hair Oil

Like it. Hate it. But you cannot ignore it. Right from its sweet taste, to an awesome aroma, this humblest of fruits finds its way back into modern life, from the annals of “home remedy” that it was used for. Yes, the Guava, right from the tree to the root to the fruit is packed […]

Hair Loss – Prevention before Cure.

Hair loss is a fairly life-altering experience for most people. All cultures, across India, identify a good crown of hair as a symbol of youth and vitality. No wonder then, that hair fall continues to be a problem that vexes people, and makes them look for various solutions, products and services that prevent hair loss […]