Experience the 3-in-1 power of Vefemin Hair Oil in action to reduce hair fall.

Vefemin, backed by the power of 10 nutriactives and 12 pure cold pressed oils, works on every part of your hair
and scalp to control hair fall and to ensure healthy hair.

The Protect Layer

Protects hair, reducing hair fall

Powered by Nimbidin (Neem), Vitamins B1, B2, B3 (Walnut), Omega 7 (Macadamia) and Omega 6 (Sesame)

Extracts from these natural ingredients are used in Vefemin hair oil for protecting your scalp from UV rays, harsh weather, dust and grime, fungal and bacterial infections and inflammations.

It also prevents exposure that leads to premature greying by keeping hair roots healthy. It is the best hair fall remedy for people who are conscious of their hair colour.

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Women’s Hair Oil Men’s Hair Oil

Nourishes the scalp and roots

Powered by Linoleic Acid (Argan Oil), Amino Acids (Kukui), Lycopene (Guava Leaf) and Copper, Zinc, Iron (Pomegranate)

Four powerful natural ingredients and their extracts together work to ensure that your scalp stays nourished, moisturized and well strengthened with vitamins and fatty acids.

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Women’s Hair Oil Men’s Hair Oil

The Nourish Layer

The Flourish Layer

Fortifies each strand of hair

Powered by Omega-3 (Almond Oil), Lignins (Linseed Oil), Proanthocyanidins, Ceramides (Grapeseed Oil) and Vitamins E & B (Jojoba Oil)

Every drop of Vefemin goes to keep your hair frizz- free, soft and glossy, thereby enhancing the life of every strand of hair.

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Women’s Hair Oil Men’s Hair Oil

The Vefemin hair oil story

Vefemin has mixed modern science, technology and nature to perfection to bring together a unique formulation packed with nutriactives like omega, natural biotin, vitamins a, c, d, e, f, nimbidin, selenium and ceramides, combined with the power of 12 cold pressed oils.

Vefemin is non-sticky, non-greasy, free of harmful mineral oils, parabens and vegetable oils and has a mild, pleasant fragrance.

Hear from our expert

Dr. Shuba Dharmana is a hair transplant surgeon, dermatologist & CEO of a spa company. She has helped a large number of patients with their hair fall issues.

Here, she talks about why Vefemin Hair Oil is a must have hair oil and how Vefemin helps manage one’s own hair better.

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