Do Biker Boys Bald Faster

Yes. Biker boys love their bikes and their biking trips. They spend all their free time taking off on their bikes, exploring new routes, challenging man and machine to the hilt with every journey. They love the wind, the open skies, the long journeys – it’s akin to meditation for them. 

Before we come to data, think about all the bikers you have ever met. And do think about what your saw up there, when they removed their helmets. 

A thinning, receding hairline? A pate? Straggling growth? 

If you saw hair loss there, you’re right. 

Bikers are more subject to hair loss than most others. 

Long periods with hair cooped up in a helmet and for the reckless, wild kind, the wind blowing through their hair. Exposed to heat, dust, wind, grime, grease and so many factors that attack their hair every time they do a bike trip. 

Let us look at what these dangers are, really, and how to avoid them.

Helmets and hair loss

It is believed that wearing a helmet regularly make the hair roots move close to the scalp, thereby their anchoring to the scalp and tend to fall. … A dirty and undernourished scalp means it is weak and can lead to hair loss. 


Provide your scalp enough nourishment to keep it healthy and moisturised. Use hair oils that offer natural ingredients that work at scalp level, to keep the scalp healthy and happy.

Sunlight and Hair Fall

Continued exposure to sunlight causes disulphide bonds in the hair to break, leading to permanently damaged, dry brittle hair.


Make sure that you cover your head with a light cotton cap, when out in the sun, for as much as possible. Double that protection with a hair oil that works to to keep every strand of hair on your head, strong and resilient

Itch and Headgear

A headgear like a helmet is like a sweat factory. Continued exposure of hair to sweat causes bacteria to set in, and lead to infections and hair.


Change your headgear often, and air your head regularly at intervals to keep bacteria born out of sweat, away. Use hair oil that has Neem to keep away bacteria and infections.

Helmets and Dandruff

Wearing helmets continuously speeds up the fungal growth that causes dandruff to grow by up to 30%. Dandruff is the key cause for itchy scalp and a prime recipe for hair loss.


Wash your hair regularly to keep away dandruff. Use products that contain Walnut Oil that is designed to keep dandruff at bay

Biking is a pleasure, a passion. 

But there is no reason to damage your hair while indulging in your passion. You can keep hair healthy while continuing your journeys. 

And ohh. Do remember to wear your helmets. Be safe. Drive safe.