Does Lifting Weights cause Hair Loss?

Does Lifting Weights Cause Hair Loss

All right all you boys and girls with muscles. Have you ever wondered does lifting weights cause hair loss? Here’s a question we know is eating at you, and gnawing at your conscience day at night.

Great muscles? Or Great hair?

Rest easy. You can actually have both. Read how.

Here are some straight facts collected right from the horses mouth, from weight lifters who have an awesome crown of hair.

Maintain a protein-rich diet:

Lifting weights leads to tearing up muscle tissues. You need to repair them. And make sure that you pack in your diets with ingredients that serve as a great source of nutrients for hair. Vefemin Hair Oil is packed with ingredients that provide nourishment to your hair and also protect them.

Calcium and hair loss:

Workout normally causes people to sweat more. Sweat consists primarily of water and electrolytes. The primary electrolytes contained in sweat are sodium and chloride. Potassium, urea, lactate, amino acids, bicarbonate and calcium are also found. Calcium deficiency can cause brittle and damaged hair. Make sure that you intake enough calcium orally, as prescribed by qualified authorities, to manage not only your bones, but also your hair.

Caps and hair fall:

Gym goers like to wear caps while working out as it keeps sweat contained and covers bad hair days as well. Wearing caps actually does not cause any hair loss but if you consistently wear an extremely tight cap you could experience gradual hair loss due to pulling and tension of the hair. Also unwashed caps can accumulate dirt and bacteria which can cause irritation on the scalp. So make sure you clean your cap and be free to wear it and level up your style game without the fear of any hair loss.

So no more questioning yourself whether lifting weights cause hair loss. Take care of these three major worries, gymmers and weightlifters, and you should be on track to keep your body healthy, and your hair growing.

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