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Why is Vefemin Hair Oil regarded as a specialist hair fall oil?

Vefemin Women’s and Men’s Hair Oils are a product of intensive study and development by a leading nutrition and wellness company on what causes hair fall and how to control it. We have devised unique formulations of 12 pure cold pressed oils that together have the required nutritive ingredients to control hair fall and thereafter keepthe hair healthy.

Why should I buy Vefemin Hair Oil in preference to other hair oils?

1. Vefemin is a hair oil developed especially to control the hair fall problem. Vefemin controls hair fall problem in a wholistic and natural manner while also leaving the hair healthy.

2. It is a uniquely combined formulation of as many as 12 pure cold pressed oils, with each oil being carefully chosen for it’s unique nutritive ingredient. There are 10 nutriactives or nutritive ingredients in all. These 10 nutriactives work through a powerful 3-in-1 action on hair.

Some of these oils are being used in a hair oil for the first time. And the formulation (combination of oils) is based on research on hair.

3. It is perhaps the only product in the market with a separate hair oil for women and for men.

4. All-round benefits: It is light, non-greasy, economical to use since it is light and spreads well, mild pleasant smell, it also works as a natural hair conditioner for the hair and it has a plunger pump for dispensing oil, in an attractive carton.

5. 100% natural and vegan: No mineral oil, paraben free, BPA free, silicon free, preservative free, hypoallergic free, alcohol free and cruelty free.

6. It is a product of a reputed company.

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What is the 3-in-1 action of Vefemin Hair Oil?

1. Protects hair, reducing hair fall

2. Nourishes the scalp and hair roots

3. Fortifies (strengthens) each individual strand of hair

To read more about these 3 actions, you may visit Vefemin Women’s Hair Oil or the Vefemin Men’s Hair Oil pages.

What are the main benefits of Vefemin Hair Oil?

Vefemin Hair Oil is a specialist hair fall oil. It has a 3 in 1 action in protecting the hair against damage, nourishing the scalp and hair roots and in fortifying or strengthening each hair from the root. This helps to reduce and control the hair fall and hair loss problem.

In addition, Vefemin is good for hair and scalp health so even people who don’t have hair fall can benefit from it.

Can Vefemin be used for hair problems other than hair fall?

Yes, Vefemin can help with the problems of dandruff, itchy scalp, frizzy hair & in maintaining healthy hair & scalp overall.

What is a cold pressed oil and how is it an advantage when it comes to hair oils?

A cold pressed oil is an oil extracted from a fruit or seed without using heat for extraction. Because of this, the oil which is obtained retains it’s original beneficial nutritiousproperties such as flavour, aroma and nutritional value, making these oils great for hair care requirements.

Ours is a pure cold pressed oil which means not a single synthetic ingredient has been added.

What is the company behind Vefemin Hair Oil?

Our company is Trophic Wellness Pvt Ltd, headquartered in Mumbai and well known for its Nutricharge range of nutritional supplements (www.nutricharge.in).Our company Trophic Wellness is an associate of the globally respected pharmaceutical company IPCA Laboratories Ltd.

Our company’s product Nutricharge is trusted by customers such as the one and only Amitabh Bachchan (who consumes Nutricharge daily and is also its brand ambassador).

All our products are manufactured in India under the strictest quality standards.

What is Vefemin Nutricosmetic?

Vefemin Nutricosmetics is our company’s cosmetics brand where we apply the science of nutrition – to hair care and skin care products. Nutricosmetics are cosmetics products with active ingredients which claim to enhance haircare efficacy specially reduce hairfall, in other words cosmetics which give nutrition. Vefemin Women’s and Men’s Hair Oils are our first products.

What is different between Vefemin Women’s and Men’s Hair Oil?

Women’s Hair Oil uses rosehip seed and baobab seed pure cold pressed oils which Men’s Hair Oil does not. And Men’s Hair Oil uses pomegranate and guava leaf pure cold pressed oils which Women’s Hair Oil does not.

Vefemin Women’s Hair Oil has 10 nutriactives derived from a total of 12 cold pressed oils. You can learn more about these nutriactives here.

Vefemin Men’s Hair Oil also has 10 nutriactives derived from a total of 12 cold pressed oils. Both the oils and the nutriactives are somewhat different from those for the Women’s Hair Oil. You can learn about the nutriactives for Men’s Hair Oil here.

What are nutriactives?

Nutriactives are nutrition giving active ingredients.

The 10 nutriactives present in Vefemin Women’s Hair Oil are omega-3 and omega-6, natural biotin, Vitamin A, C, D, E, Vitamin F (linoleic acid), nimbidin, Selenium and ceramides.

The 10 nutriactives present in Vefemin Men’s Hair Oil are omega-3 and omega-6, natural biotin, lycopene, Vitamins B, C, E, Vitamin F (linoleic acid), nimbidin, Selenium and ceramides.

All the nutriactives are derived from 100% natural substance viz. pure, cold pressed oils.

Can a women’s hair oil can be used by other members of family?

Yes, but its better if male members use Vefemin Men’s Hair oil & female members use Vefemin Women’s Hair oil. Both the oils are formulated differently, as per the gender needs.

For how long should I use the product for best results for my hair fall?

Ideally, 3 to 4 times a week for 3 months or more, depending on the individual’s scalp.

However, most people will start seeing some results within a few applications of the oil.

Can I wash my hair after applying hair oil?

For best results, leave it on overnight. However, if that is not possible, you may wash your hair after 30 minutes or so.

Do you have any reviews about the product?

We have excellent feedback about our product.

Watch a video on Vefemin Hair Oil by Dr. Shuba Dharmana, who is a hair transplant surgeon and cosmetologist.

You can watch more Vefemin videos on the Vefemin YouTube Channel.

There are some additional reviews for the products on the Vefemin Women’s Hair Oil and Vefemin Men’s Hair Oil pages (see bottom of page). More reviews will be uploaded shortly.

Can I get some details about the packaging?

100 ml volume, weight including carton 200 grams, package dimensions 19.2 x 7.6 x 5.4 cm.

Where can I buy Vefemin hair oil?

Vefemin Women’s and Men’s Hair Oils are only available (exclusively available) online. You can buy them on this website and on various e-commerce marketplaces.

Vefemin is currently not available in retail and kirana stores.

Why Vefemin Hair Oil for Hair Fall and Healthy Hair
  • Vefemin 200 ml hair oil is for hair fall and healthy hair.
  • Within 1 month of usage, you will see reduced hair fall. We have a 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Within 2 months, hair fall will be controlled. After this, to ensure that hair remains healthy, we recommend you use Vefemin for 2 more months.
  • Vefemin 200 ml is recommended for people looking to control hair fall and keep their hair healthy.
What is Vefemin Hair Oil for Hair Fall & Healthy Hair
  • This is our 200 ml pack (see above)
  • We offer separate Hair Oils for Men & Women
  • It is available as a twin pack of two cartons with 100 ml product each
What is the right way to use Vefemin Hair Oil?

Take 3-4 pumps on your Palm. Message it on your scalp & hair for 2-3 mins. Keep it for 30 mins before hair wash or overnight. Wash it thoroughly.

Ordering, Shipping & Returns

What are the payment options for buying Vefemin Hair Oil?

We accept credit cards, debit cards, net banking, mobile wallets (HDFC PayZapp and Freecharge) and UPI (Google Pay and Phone Pe).

All the above payments are through the trusted payment gateway provider Razorpay.

What are your shipping charges

All shipping within India is free.

We currently do not ship outside India.

How do I know my order is confirmed?

A confirmation email is sent out as soon as you place your order.

When will my order get delivered?

We ship within 48 hours. Delivery times vary according to pin code.

For most cities, you can expect to get delivery within 2 to 5 days.

Note, however, that there may be sometimes be delays beyond our control due to the Covid-19 situation.

Can I change the address once the order is placed?

We can do this, but you need to inform us on customercare@vefemin.in before it leaves the warehouse for delivery.

Can I cancel my order after placing it?

On getting a cancellation request from you, we can cancel the orderwithout incurring any cancellation fee provided it has not yet been shipped (dispatched). You can place the cancellation request through the My Account section. You may also write to us at customercare@vefemin.in

In case the order has been shipped, the customer will have to bear the cancellation fee, which will vary depending on the location.