Find out about your hair fall with the help of a pillow test

Find out about your hair fall with the help of a pillow test

Worried about you hair fall? Don’t know if your hair fall is too much or too little? Hang on. Help is on hand.

One of the most effective ways to measure severity of your hair fall is the pillow test. The Pillow Test is simple, and can be done by anyone, at home. All you need is preferably a white pillow cover. But you can do it with other light pillow covers too.

First things first. Everyone will find hair on their pillow when they wake up. Unless, they are totally hairless. So if you notice hair on your pillow post waking up, do not panic. It is totally normal for hair to fall and give way to new hair. This process is called the hair cycle.

What is a normal hair cycle?

There are roughly about hundreds of thousands of hair on a healthy person’s head. Each and every one of these hair grow and die in stages. This is known as the hair cycle. There are 3 phases in a hair cycle.

The first one is the Anagen phase, followed by the Catagen phase, and finally the third stage known as the Telogen phase. Each stage is responsible for a different function that takes place in the hair cycle and serves a unique purpose.

Anagen Phase

This stage represents the growth stage. Here, the hair grows at approximately 1 cm per month. This growth that takes place in the hair follicles is said to last about two to six years. The duration of this stage is based purely on your genetic composition.

Which means that it is different for all. It is also said that about 85% to 90% of a person’s hair will be at this phase at any given point of time. And since the hair is attached to its follicles during this stage, it gives a healthy supply of blood and nourishment to the hair. If you protect the hair at this stage with Vefemin Hair Oil Protect layer, you will continue to enjoy healthy hair

Catagen Phase

This is the transitional phase where the hair gets detached from the follicles cutting the blood supply and nutrition for the hair. The hair does not grow at this stage but since the hair detaches from the follicle it pushes the hair upward. This make the hair bit longer than at the end of Anagen phase and lasts for about two weeks. Here is where you need Vefemin Hair Oil and the Flourish stage ingredients to help manage hair.

Telogen Phase

This stage is known as the resting phase or shredding phase.

In this phase, the hair follicles remain dormant for one to four months. At this stage there is a risk of hair fall due to insufficient nutrition and the hair fall gives place to the new hair to grow. But, don’t you worry. Vefemin Hair Oil has enough ingredients in place to get your hair nourished and ready to take care of new hair that’s being born.

So when you go to sleep tonight, especially with Vefemin Hair Oil, rest assured that your pillow isn’t going to throw up nightmares for you to see when you wake up in the morning.

Rise and Shine, Vefemin Hair Oil will keep your hair just fine.