Free gift with Vefemin Women’s Hair Oil

The sleep styler hair curlers

  • Wear the hair curlers before you go to sleep and get gloriously styled hair while sleeping. There is no heat or other special treatment required
  • The blue cloth hair curlers are made from a special super absorbent yoga towel fabric that dries quickly on its own
  • The hair curlers have a soft memory core so you can get a comfortable night’s sleep despite wearing them. You will not even know you are wearing them
  • These can be used on a variety of hair types and lengths
  • They save your time in morning in styling the hair
  • The hair turns out to be soft, shiny and there is no damage
  • International product, originally seen on TV show “Shark Tank”

This high quality product – valued at INR 299- is being given for free along with each pack of Vefemin Women’s Hair Oil.

Offer is valid for a limited period only, for Vefemin Hair Oil bought from this website, till stocks last!

Set of 8 Hair curlers
“Style your hair as you Sleep”

Usage instructions

1. Wrap

Divide damp hair into sections and wrap each section of hair around a plush roller.

2. Sleep

Sleep comfortably as the marshmallow soft memory foam conforms to your head.

3. Remove & Go

Wake up & slide the rollers out of your big bouncy curls. How you use all that time you would have spent washing, drying and styling your hair is up to you.