Hair Care for Daily Commuters

Hair Care for Daily Commuters

Do you travel everyday to get to work? Is your hair care affected by travelling?

Commuting may be a daily run of the mill thing for you but it can be hazardous for your hair and ruin your hair care routine.

And also, yes! You really can’t sit at home because you’re worried about your hair. So for all those of you who asked “How can I protect my hair while travelling” … Here goes some awesome advice.

Your hair is most of the times, open and sensitive to the air around you. The scalp collects all the dirt and bacteria from the places you commute to. Given the continuous pressure of weather elements, atmosphere and air pollutants that have become an every day part of the air around us. Small wonder then, that the scalp as well as hair quality takes a hit, leading to hair loss.

So what can you do to ensure that your daily commuting does not affect your hair care or health?

Here are some hair care tips that you can follow to keep your hair healthy and avoid hair loss due to travel

1. Oiling , Shampooing and Conditioning

Keep these basic three things in your regime for hair care and you will notice the difference immediately. A high quality natural hair oil like Vefemin Hair Oil will help you nourish and flourish your hair. Shampooing will cleanse your scalp and a conditioner will make sure that your hair contributes to your style

2. Diet and Hydration

Diet is the key to a healthy body and great hair too. Maintaining a good balanced diet will help you to keep your hair strong and the scalp nourished throughout. Drink at least 2-3 litres of water daily and keep yourself hydrated always. This is the simplest hair care routine that everyone should follow.

3. Wearing a headgear

The raging heat and smog in the cities can be very harmful for your hair health. It can cause your scalp to get dry and attract harmful bacteria and dirt. Wearing a light cotton cap or bandana over your head can protect your scalp from the dirt and the heat.

And ohh, do not forget to wash your cap once in a while too. Reusing a cap will expose your hair to accumulated dirt which can further damage your hair.

Yes, you can’t sit at home. But you can take care of your hair and protect it from the elements that try to damage it, when you commute.

All it needs is a little time and effort. And you’re all set to go with great looking hair.