Hair Fall Myths

Hair is an important part of grooming. People tend to take a lot of care when it comes to hair. But there are many misconceptions regarding hair fall going around which needs to be busted. Here we will look at just some of these hair fall myths and the truth behind it.

  • MYTH: Hair loss is inherited from the father, or the mother, or the grandparents.

FACT: There is no such thing as a single hair loss gene. Both parents’ genes are a factor. Researchers in this area think that hair loss is probably due to the interaction of or between several genes inherited from both parents. So don’t blame any specific person in your family.

  • MYTH: Shampoo makes you lose your hair 

FACT: Sorry shower-haters, but shampooing does not cause hair loss. Clean hair is happy hair. It’s normal (not to mention healthy) to shed a few hairs when sussing up.

  • MYTH: Everyone goes bald by 50

FACT: Male pattern baldness knows no age. Once hair loss starts, it doesn’t stop (which is why it’s important to take action early) but when it starts is different in everyone. 

  • MYTH: You’re going bald because you’re stressed

FACT: Anxiety, traumatic events, and emotional strain can certainly contribute to temporary hair loss — but they don’t affect male pattern baldness, which is a permanent medical condition. So no, stress doesn’t cause hair loss.

  • MYTH: Female pattern hair loss causes irregular periods and/or abnormal bleeding

FACT: Hair loss does not usually cause menstrual issues or interfere with pregnancy or endocrine function. If abnormal bleeding is found together with hair loss there might be something else going on which could be anything from diet, lack of vitamins and minerals, or a hormonal imbalance… A blood test should be suggested!

  • MYTH: Diets have no influence on hair loss.

FACT: It might cause hair loss if it is a long term diet where your client is lacking Vitamins and Minerals. Malnutrition is rarely a cause of hair loss in the United States. Consuming more of a given vitamin, such as biotin or zinc, than required will not have an impact on hair re=growth. There is some research showing that a “crash diet” can cause temporary hair loss.

  • MYTH: Teasing, using hair color, perm solutions hair spray and other similar products will create hair loss.

FACT: Normal hair care doesn’t affect hair loss. These applications may cause some damage to the hair strands. But the all-important follicles, located under the skin, stay safe.

  • MYTH: Using a blow dryer will cause hair loss.

FACT: There is no evidence that blow dryers cause thinning hair. However, too much heat or too much drying, my lead to brittle and breakable hair. Tell your clients to use common sense and to hold the blow dryer at a normal distance from the scalp and dry from up down direction.

  • MYTH: Haircuts and even cutting off all the hair will make it grow back thicker and faster.

FACT: Everyone’s hair growth and length depends on their own unique hair cycle, which is based on both genetics and nutrition. The longer the growth phase the longer the hair can grow.

  • MYTH: Brushing your hair 100 times a day will stimulate and increase hair growth.

FACT: Research has not found this to be true, but has found that too much brushing could in fact injure your hair.

Before assuming any more hair fall myths and making the condition of your hair worse, we would advise you to start using Vefemin hair oil available for both men and women and maintain healthy hair.

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