Hair Loss – Prevention before Cure.

Hair loss is a fairly life-altering experience for most people. All cultures, across India, identify a good crown of hair as a symbol of youth and vitality. No wonder then, that hair fall continues to be a problem that vexes people, and makes them look for various solutions, products and services that prevent hair loss and promise to work magic. 

But stop. Trichology – the study of hair care, has its own points to share, points that we at Vefemin take very seriously to understand causes of hair fall and hair loss.

How do you know that you have hair fall? 

Many suggest a pillow test, or a hair wash test, among others, to identify number of volume of strands that you see as hair fall. Trichologists, however feel that it is perfectly okay to lose up to hundred or hundred and fifty strands a day. For hair that are normal, the average number of strands are anywhere between a lakh or lakh and half. Given these numbers, a small quantity of hair does shed. And you know, others do grow back in their place.

So what really is hair loss? Hair loss, as per trichologists, is a term that refers to a gradual or sudden loss of actively growing hair. Yes, the much dreaded thinning or patching effect that is anyone’s worst nightmare. Keep your worries aside as Vefemin will guide you on how to prevent hair loss.

Hair Loss can be Prevented

Many a time, hair is not seen in the same light as the body. We help maintain the body with exercise, nutritive food, and healthy diets. Even pamper it with rest and repair. We cure it with remedies that specialists share with us as recommendations. Hair Loss is a sign of hair that is not healthy. And that can be due to a variety of reasons. 

  1. Lack of Protection from external elements
  2. Nothing given to Nourish your hair
  3. Not paying attention to the factors that make your hair Flourish and grow

Hair Fall is a guaranteed outcome of not keeping your hair healthy with enough protection and nourishment.

To prevent hair loss, and stop hair fall, you need to pay attention to the following

  1. Make sure your hair is protected from UV Rays, Direct sunlight, harsh weather conditions and the like.
  2. Keep your hair nourished and well fed with ingredients that work at the scalp, root and cuticle levels, and adds health to every aspect of your crowning glory. 
  3. Keep an eye on your hair, for frizz, dryness, itchiness and dullness. They tell you a story you need to hear, that the it is time for you to pay attention to your hair.

Wishing you Happy Hair. 

And if at anytime you wish to get back health to your hair, just say “Hair Problem, No Problem. Vefemin hai na”. Our Healthy Hair Guarantee Offer is backed by a range of ingredients that will work for you, to get your healthy hair story going.