We market Nutricosmetics (Cosmetics with Nutrition) in the personal care range for Men and Women, under the brand name “VEFEMIN”.

Our first products, Vefemin Men’s Hair Oil and for Vefemin Women’s Hair Oil, were launched in December 2019. Vefemin is available for purchase only online – through this company website and on various e-commerce marketplaces. We plan to launch a few other researched and unique products in the near future.

What are Nutricosmetics?

Nutricosmetics are cosmetic products with biologically active ingredients claiming to enhance haircare & skincare efficacy.

These formulas are designed to improve hair and scalp repair damage such as hair fall, dandruff etc. that causes specific skin conditions. Our products offer a bridge between prescription-based products and over-the-counter cosmetics – and they are backed by medically accepted science that proves their efficacy.

The Vefemin Nutricosmetic difference

Vefemin’s focus on efficacy: Our formulations are based on optimal concentrations of active ingredients elegantly crafted into functional products – designed, formulated, and tested for effectiveness.

Our mission is to improve hair & skin health. Dedicated to this purpose, we make one simple promise-to provide advanced haircare & skincare backed by science.

Our professionals are extensively trained to create haircare & skincare routines that address the unique conditions and challenges of an individual’s skin & scalp and optimize its health and appearance.

Powerful ingredients are essential

Vefemin products are formulated with high concentrations of pharmaceutical-grade active ingredients to make a significant improvement in the health and appearance of hair & skin. The active ingredients are selected based on how they interact with each other, on hair scalp and skin, and within the formula itself. The ingredient combination, delivery system, and formula of a well-designed product can optimize the effectiveness of its ingredients.


Research and innovation are at the core of the Vefemin mission, and our dedication to science has established the brand Nutricharge as a leader in the advanced Nutrition arena. Vefemin continues to pioneer next-generation products that will optimize the health and beauty of hair & skin and change the face of haircare & skincare for years to come.

Nutricosmetics is the future

Our research and development team work tirelessly to develop innovative ingredients and technologies that will have the most beneficial effects on the health and appearance of skin & hair. Working in conjunction with our network of top scientists from the fields of biology, chemistry, biophysics, and medicine, we use the latest research and information related to skin & hair in order to develop products that optimize health safety and effectively.