Side Effects of Air Conditioning On Hair

Everyone loves being in a room with an air conditioner right? Imagine coming home to an air conditioned room after being out in the sun. We all love it don’t we? But did you know there are some side effects of air conditioning on hair that can be really harmful. How does it damage your hair? Well constant change in temperature causes your hair to get weak and dry. 

There are various issues that can arise due to prolonged stay in an air conditioned room:

Dry skin:

In an air-conditioned environment, your body is exposed to 21 – 26 degrees Celsius, which is known to bring down the normal body temperature. This reduces the production of sebum from oil glands which can lead to dry and tight skin. 

Premature ageing:

The drier your skin gets, the quicker is the ageing process. Staying in the AC all day results in dehydration of the skin. This is the root cause of fine lines and wrinkles. So it is inadvisable to constantly remain in a room that has air conditioning.

Dry hair:

Air conditioning does not just dry your skin but also affects your hair and causes it to lose is smoothness. This can also cause dandruff and itchy scalp.


  • The air conditioning affects hair as it takes away humidity from the room.
  • It takes away moisture from your hair as well as your skin and causes hair to completely dry up
  • There is constant loss of water and lack of replacement of the water that leaves skin tissues undernourished
  • Going back in the sun immediately after sitting in an AC room damages the hair, scalp and skin as they are greeted with changes in temperatures abruptly
  • All of the above causes the skin to remain constantly stressed out which makes it a struggle for the skin to maintain its own health
  • Even compromising daily diet can lead to lack of vital nutrients and hair loss


  • Placing a bowl of water in the room can reduce the dryness caused by the AC
  • It is essential to service the air conditioner regularly in order to keep it technologically sound otherwise it can cause drastic skin damage
  • It is essential to keep yourself hydrated all the time when you are in an air-conditioned room 
  • Have a balanced, healthy diet to keep hair and scalp healthy 

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