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Side Effects of Air Conditioning On Hair

Everyone loves being in a room with an air conditioner right? Imagine coming home to an air conditioned room after being out in the sun. We all love it don’t we? But did you know there are some side effects of air conditioning on hair that can be really harmful. How does it damage your […]

How to get rid of dandruff?

How to get rid of dandruff

Dandruff is a very common issue these days and the cause of stress for many people. Did you know that 50% of people suffer from dandruff? But what is dandruff? It is a common condition that affects the scalp. It causes the skin of the scalp to become itchy followed by flakes of dead skin.  […]

Does Lifting Weights cause Hair Loss?

Does Lifting Weights Cause Hair Loss

All right all you boys and girls with muscles. Have you ever wondered does lifting weights cause hair loss? Here’s a question we know is eating at you, and gnawing at your conscience day at night. Great muscles? Or Great hair? Rest easy. You can actually have both. Read how. Here are some straight facts […]

Guava for Hair Growth

Guava for Hair Growth | Vefemin Nutricosmetic | Hair Oil

Like it. Hate it. But you cannot ignore it. Right from its sweet taste, to an awesome aroma, this humblest of fruits finds its way back into modern life, from the annals of “home remedy” that it was used for. Yes, the Guava, right from the tree to the root to the fruit is packed […]

Do Biker Boys Bald Faster

Yes. Biker boys love their bikes and their biking trips. They spend all their free time taking off on their bikes, exploring new routes, challenging man and machine to the hilt with every journey. They love the wind, the open skies, the long journeys – it’s akin to meditation for them.  Before we come to […]

Hair Loss – Prevention before Cure.

Hair loss is a fairly life-altering experience for most people. All cultures, across India, identify a good crown of hair as a symbol of youth and vitality. No wonder then, that hair fall continues to be a problem that vexes people, and makes them look for various solutions, products and services that prevent hair loss […]