Vefemin Women’s Hair Oil for Hair Fall

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Vefemin Hair Oil is a new generation product, the outcome of extensive study and research into what formulation can improve the health and appearance of hair.

Vefemin uses several ingredients that are not traditionally used in Indian hair oils. Because of these, Vefemin, is a much more effective formulation for scalp and hair.

Vefemin has come out with separate hair oils for hair fall for men and for women. Know more about Vefemin Men’s Hair Oil.

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Why choose Vefemin Hair Oil?

Other benefits

  • It is light, non-sticky & non-greasy and helps in styling your hair
  • Mildly perfumed, with a light, lingering perfume that will make you feel good all day
  • The bottle has a pump (plunger) for precise, mess-free dispensing
    of the oil
  • Attractive pack
  • Natural conditioner, works for your hair style
  • Washes off in a single wash
  • Economical: Even a little Vefemin oil goes a long way
    because it is naturally light
  • One bottle lasts a long time

Usage instructions

Take sufficient quantity
of the oil (3 pumps)

Apply on
scalp & hair

Massage gently
for 3 minutes

Leave it for 30
minutes overnight


Use 3-4 times a week
for best results

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Click here to buy on Amazon
Click here to buy on Amazon