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Dr. Shuba has to say

Dr. Shuba Dharmana is a hair transplant surgeon, dermatologist & CEO of a spa company. She has helped a large number of patients with their hair fall issues.

Here, she talks about why Vefemin Hair Oil is a must have hair oil and how Vefemin helps manage one’s hair better.

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Harshita Modi, lifestyle & mom blogger

Harshita tells which ingredients of Vefemin boost hair strength and prevent hairfall. She already feels her hair is looking better.

Dhiraj Tanwani, marketing manager

Dhiraj was called Frizzy by his friends because of his frizzy hair. He found a perfect solution in Vefemin, which was effective.

Aditi Mehta, makeup & hair expert

Aditi talks about a comb test for hairfall. She feels that using Vefemin is the best thing for one’s hair due to it’s natural oils.

Aman Bhimani, party planner

Aman was afraid he was going bald. After a lot of research on internet, he came across Vefemin men’s hair oil. He is happy with his hair now.

Arun Sharma, founder of an apparel company

Talks about how being a businessman can take a toll on one’s health due to stress, resulting in hairfall.

Naina Singhania, nutritionist

Naina’s hair were falling off in excess. The fact that Vefemin has no chemicals, no preservatives and no mineral oils, convinced her to give Vefemin a try.

Ruma Sharma, model

Ruma loves her long hair and is afraid of hairfall. Inspite of her shoots & the hair curls, sprays and chemicals she uses, she is able to take good care of her hair thanks to Vefemin.

Rahul Kalra, fashion blogger

Rahul talks about how men in their late 20s stop caring about their hair, resulting in hairfall and howVefemin helps.

Dr. Nida Khateeb, dentist

Dr. Nida credits Vefemin for her hair being so smooth. By moving from chemical-based hair oils to natural oils through Vefemin, she got rid of her frizzy hair!

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